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Sergio Reyes

Report trip to El Salvador in search of the remains of Sergio Mancilla Caro

More than a year ago a small group of us started work to write the history and our memories of our friend and comrade from Magallanes, Sergio Mancilla Caro. We never imagined then that some of us would end up traveling to the very place where our friend was killed in combat in 1981. The Zope's Ravine (Quebrada del Zope) was hard to imagine as a real place, when we read about it in the War Report written by the Medic Benito. It was just a far away, unreal place in our minds. Yet, after we wrote finished writing our memories of our friend Sergio, "Horacio", we decided that we would now take on a search for his remains. This is how we arrived at the place where this young man of easy smiles of yesteryear has been buried for 34 years. This is our trip report.

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