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Find and replace paragraph mark in Libre Office Write

As it is often the case, converts from MS Office to Libre Office find that some actions they used to do easily in Word are not the same in Writer. Many give up and switch back to the MS product. A case in point is the simple process of finding (searching in Word) a paragraph character to replace it with something else.

Unfortunately, a search on the internet reveals the most complex responses. The geeky responses of Open Source users is the worst curse for this wonderful software effort.

Here is a simple solution:

1. Click on Find and Replace under the Edit menu.
2. All of these special characters such as tabs, paragraph, etc. are for Libre Office "regular expressions." Therefore, in the Find and Replace window open down the "Other Options" menu, and check off the box next to "Regular Expressions".
3. Now, you can enter the $ sign in the "Search for box", and any character you want to use under the "Replace with" box, in the example the character used was a space.

To learn more, under the regular software Help, seach for "list of regular expressions".