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Sergio Reyes

Leaving testimony of the struggle of a Chilean internationalist who died in El Salvador in 1981

This April 30, 2016, we will inaugurate a historical marker in the small community of El Jicaro, in Chalatenango, El Salvador. For nearly two years a group of friends, comrades and relatives of the Chilean Sergio Mancilla Caro, have been working to recover his history. Mancilla took on the nom de guerre “Horacio”. This is the only name that his comrades knew him by. Mancilla was killed in combat on October 5, 1981 in La Quebrada del Zope, during an army ambush.

His widow, Vielka Bolanos, his comrade at arms, Leopoldo Luna, and his friend and co-prisoner in the region of Magallanes, Chile, during Pinochet's dictatorship, Sergio Reyes, will be present to complete their work after searching unsuccessfully for his remains. They decided to leave testimony of his struggle in El Salvador, while his remains will forever stay in this country's soil.

The text of the plaque on the historical marker will read:

“On this land that saw him fighting for the liberation of the oppressed, was killed in combat the Chilean internationalist Sergio Mancila Caro, “Horacio”, on October 5, 1981, during the military operation known as “Guinda de Octubre”. Horacio was born in Chile on July 16, 1951.

As a member of the Unity People's Action Movement (MAPU) of Chile, Horacio fought for Vanguard Units (UV) of the People's Liberation Forces (FPL) of El Salvador.
His remains were buried in the general area of El Potrero, municipality of Las Vueltas, approximate coordinates 14°6'48”N 88°54'37”W, close to the localities kown as El Trapiche and Cuesta del Calambre.

Horacio was one of hundreds of internationalists who generously laid their lives to rest in El Salvador.
El Jicaro, Chalatenango, April 30, 2016”.

Horacio, hasta la victoria!

Sergio Reyes