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Sergio Reyes

In Search of Sergio Mancilla

An Attempt to Recover the Remains of a Chilean Internationalist
Killed in Action in El Salvador, 1981

(R-L: Sergio Mancilla, wife Vicky and son Alejandro. Nicaragua 1981)

Sat. February 28, 2015 - 7pm-9pm
At Encuentro5, 9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108-4701

  • “Internationalists” – José Alemán
  • “Homage to Chilean Internationalists in El Salvador” - Video
  • “Revolutionary music & the case of Sergio Mancilla” – Sergio Reyes
Sergio Mancilla was a Chilean exile in Panamá, who joined the Nicaraguan revolution in 1980. Together with a small contingent of young Chileans, members of MAPU (a Chilean revolutionary organization), he joined the revolution in El Salvador in 1981. Months after his arrival in El Salvador, he was killed by the US-backed military. Until recently, his story and his memory were fading away, reduced to the sum of speculations. His friends and comrades helped recover his story—our revolutionary history—sharing the recollections of friends, comrades, relatives and a brave contribution from his widow. This collective effort is now available as a digital book in Spanish.
By the end of March, a small group of friends, including Sergio Reyes from Boston, will go to El Salvador in search of his remains.

This fundraising event details the project and provides a context for the many internationalists from Chile and others countries who offered their lives during El Salvador’s revolutionary war.
To recover Sergio Mancilla’s remains, we need your support.

To download flyer click here.

Contact: 617-290-5614 – sreyes1[at]