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Sergio Reyes

Farewell Bunilda!

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Where are you going?
You walk so much without knowing
Where are you going?
Your life is getting ready to leave us
You might think
Maybe you can win the ruffian
Merciless destiny
There is no way you can defeat
The inevitable solitude
Without walking.

You will try
With your little short legs to overcome
They will look for
A path to come back home
They might dream
That all this can be stopped
You still have so much to do
So much love to give
This life just cannot come to an end
Without walking.

Let it go
Don't exhaust yourself you just can't
The twilight of aging
You already gave
Happiness and all your friendship
Don't you see you cannot even stand
Your time to rest has come
Let it go, rest at last from walking
And walking

Rest now,
Sleep now,
Farewell, farewell...
Farewell Bunilda,
Farewell, farewell.