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Victor Jara

Chile: Judge Miguel Vazquez indicts assassins of Victor Jara

12/28/2012.- Judge Vazquez of the Santiago Appeals Court initiated a discovery process for the murder of singer Victor Jara Martinez, executed on September 16, 1973, at the Estadio Chile.

The judge indicted:

- Hugo Sánchez-Marmonti, homicide.
- Pedro Barrientos-Núñez, homicide.
- Roberto Souper Onfray, accomplice to murder.
- Raul Jofre González, accomplice to murder.
- Edwin Dimter Bianchi, accomplice to murder.
- Mazzei Hasse-Nelson, accomplice to murder.
- Luis Bethke Wulf, accomplice to murder.

The judge ordered the international arrest of the accused Barrientos Nunez, who is living abroad, while the other defendants will be detained at the Military Police Battalion Number 1.

According to the description of events:

A) That, on September 11, 1973, following the assumption of de facto military government, the then State Technical University was besieged by members of the Army Regiment "Arica", from the city of La Serena.

B) These troops proceeded, on September 12, 1973, after firing projectiles of various kinds, to occupy the buildings of the university and performed massive arrests of teachers, students and staff who were in the educational institution, who were then moved in buses to the then Chile Stadium's (now named Estadio Víctor Jara) premises which had previously been setup as a detention center, under the coordination of the Administrative Support Command of the Army and whose internal security was carried out by members from different military units, including: the Regiment "Tejas Verdes" of the City of San Antonio, the Regiment "Armored Number 2" of Santiago, Regiment "Esmeralda" of the city of Antofagasta and the Regiment "Maipo" of Valparaíso .

C) That, among the teachers apprehended was the folk singer and researcher of the University, Victor Jara Lidio Martinez, who entered the Estadio Chile along with the aforementioned group of detainees to be placed with them later in the stands of the sports arena.

D) That, during his detention, Victor Jara Martinez was recognized by military personnel at the Estadio Chile, being separated from the rest of the prisoners to be taken to units located in the dressing rooms, which were used as interrogation and torture rooms where he was severely tortured by several officers.

E) That, between September 13 and 16, 1973 extra judicial interrogations were carried out at the Chile Stadium, without judicial and / or administrative due process, some of which were performed by personnel of the Second Military Prosecutor's Office of the time, and, that among others, Victor Jara Martínez Lidio was also interrogated there.

F) that, on September 16, 1973, militarry personnel proceeded to the transfer of all detainees from Chile Stadium to other facilities, with the exception of Victor Jara Martínez Lidio and Littre Quiroga Carvajal, and that on this date Victor Jara Martínez Lidio was killed as the result of at least 44 bullet wounds, as specified in the respective autopsy report.

G) That the body of Victor Jara Martínez Lidio, along with the bodies of three others, was found by villagers in the days after, near the Metropolitan Cemetery, in a vacant lot near the railway line, with evident signs of having received blows to the body and with the bullet holes detailed on the autopsy report.

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