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The Latest Production of the Puerto Rican Patriot Musician: Andrés Jiménez, "El Jibaro"

Andrés Jiménez at his 65 years of age has seen much of the struggle in the Americas to shake itself off from the tight control of U.S. imperialism. Likewise, in his own land, Puerto Rico, he has participated since early age in the fight for independence for the last classic colony left in the Americas.

His latest production released late last year is called "Plena con Lelolai", taking the genre of "plena" and combining it with the peasant rhythms of the mountains. All in all 9 songs that take us on yet another libertarian journey through Puerto Rico. All the songs included were composed by Jiménez, as it is his tradition, based on Puerto Rican folk rhythms. The lyrics are composed on the very old Spanish tradition of the "decima", ten verses on a fairly strict rhyming structure.

Jimenez selection is completely up to date, and this is reflected on the second song "Lloviendo Sobre Mojado", roughly translated "when it rains, it pours". Here Jimenez addresses many of the social problems of Puerto Rico, from political corruption to crime on the streets: "Estamos tocando fondo / con la criminalidad, / gente muriendo en la calle, / se derrumba la ciudad, / si mi cancion se pone triste, / no es porque pierda la fe, / en que un dia mi pueblo despierte, y haga lo que hay que hacer." We are reaching bottom / with the rise of crime / people dying on the streets / our cities are collapsing / if my songs becomes sad / it isn't because of lack of faith / some day my people will wake up / and we'll do what needs to be done." – The chorus inquiries what the solution is, and Jimenez sings his suggestions.

Jimenez might represent the poor peasant of Puerto Rico, "el jíbaro", however, this is a jibaro that is using all of the so-called social media to promote his music and his message. You can easily find him on Facebook and even better on his e-commerce website at – Once there you can click on the link "La Tiendita del Jibaro" (the little store of the jibaro) and buy this wonderful musical work in confidence. Before recommending it, I tried it of course. Once you complete the transaction on PayPal you will receive the CD on the mail within five days. Your envelope will arrive in the mail (yes, via USPS) and it will have your name and address handwritten on it.

One more thing, once you get it, please resist the temptation of copying it and pass it along to your friends. No. We need to support the work of Andres Jimenez and the excellent group of musicians who put many hours of work to give us the pleasure of his music.