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The Society We Can Build. A Five-Minutes Rendition

Sergio Reyes – December 7, 2011

• A society free from racism
• A society free from sexism and homophobia
• A society free from ageism
• A society free from religious or non-religious discrimination
• A society free from ethnic discrimination
• A society without borders
• A society where no human being is consider illegal
• A society where nationalism is replaced by internationalism
• A society where all people have the right to work and be productive
• A society where education is a right and is available to all from childhood to adulthood and beyond
• A society where schools are given the utmost importance and are of quality everywhere from elementary to the highest of levels
• A society that produces to satisfy the human needs of all its members
• A society where housing is a right and is available to all and there is no homelessness
• A society where health care is a right and is available to all covering all aspects of health: physical, dental, visual, mental
• A society where public transportation is available to all and covers extensive areas of the territory including all modes of transportation
• A society where the use of bicycles is promoted, encouraged and facilitated
• A society where exploitation of labor is not permitted
• A society where greed, profiteering and financial speculation are not allowed
• A society where children are protected by all members of society
• A society where the State should be destined to disappear
• A society where there are no armies and no police
• A society that will not allow the production of weapons of any kind
• A society that would make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a legal entity
• A society where the legal system is determined not by economic interests or political interests but by the will of the community
• A society where the legal system is simplified, clear, without the need of specialists who profit from the knowledge of it
• A society where sports are never commercial
• A society where sports is encouraged for all ages with friendly and supportive competition
• A society where arts, crafts, music and poetry are practiced by all and promoted widely as a normal human means of expression not as an exceptional attribute
• A society free of crime because the united communities work against it in their own midst
• A society where jails are a thing of the past
• A society that will never engage in wars
• A society that takes ancient principles such as “you shall not kill” seriously and practice them
• A society where the working day is reasonable and that allows people the right to rest and carry out other personal development activities
• A society that is not afraid of strangers and considers everybody like a brother or sister
• A society that appreciates, respects and protects nature
• A society that appreciates, respects and protects animals
• A society where land is not owned by anybody
• A society that promotes technology for the advancement of humanity and the environment
• A society where money’s only value is a measure for the exchange of goods
• A society where social classes tend to disappear and some day disappear completely
• A society where everybody is valued as a human being regardless of its function in the economy
• A society where everybody has the right to organize unions, from students to workers
• A society that listens to each of its members equally, from those who whisper to the ones that shout, striving to eliminate shouting
• A society where healthy, quality food is available to all
• A society where news are not determined by economic or political interests
• A society where people dance away with confidence if they want to
• A society where patriarchy is an old thing and doesn’t exist anymore
• A society that values history in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past

This society is possible if enough people work to make it happen.