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Against the military coup... (song)

Music/Lyrics by Sergio Reyes (2009)

Dedicated to the popular resistance in Honduras.
To listen to the song click here.

Again the boot steps on the people
the boots of the Honduran gorilas
again they kill their own people
to defend their masters privileges.

But we have a popular saying
"there is no evil that doesn't bring some good"
now our people are marching on
and nobody will stop them.

Against the military coup
popular resistance!

Some people are talking nonsense
that this is a different type of coup
but the state of siege
seems just the same to me.

Also, the rampant repression
and the many political prisoners
and a President expelled from his country
and his people rising to defend him.

Against the military coup
popular resistance!

Now, let's all shout together
the gorilas must go
the maquilas must go
and also the imperialist military base.

The whole of Latin America
is united against the coup
workers and peasant
share the destiny of Honduras.

Against the military coup
popular resistance!

(The song is in Em, alternating with B7. The interlude chord sequence is Em - D - C and B7)

The translation is not intended to be sung as it doesn't rhyme as the Spanish version below:

Contra el Golpe Militar

De nuevo pisa la bota
de gorilas hondureños
de nuevo matan al pueblo
pa' defender a sus dueños.

Y como lo dice el dicho
no hay mal que por bien no venga
que el pueblo ahora ya esta en marcha
y no habra quien lo detenga.

¡contra el golpe militar
resistencia popular!

Por ahi nos andan diciendo
que este golpe es diferente
pero los toques de queda
ya tienen sus referentes.

Y la represion rampante
y los muchos detenidos
presidente desterrado
su pueblo lo ha defendido.


Y ahora gritemos juntos
que se vayan los gorilas
que se vayan las maquilas
y la base imperialista.

Toda America Latina
esta unida contra el golpe
obreros y campesinos
por Honduras y su destino.