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Reunions and Farewells

Sergio Reyes & Carlos Muñoz (Viña del Mar, 1995)

A 1-hour CD of original social and political music from Chile. Most of the songs are based on poems written by Chilean people's poet Carlos Muñoz-Aguilera, a resident of the city port of Valparaíso. You can visit his web page at The music are either original compositions by Sergio Reyes, or his arrangements of traditional folk rhythms of Chile, Argentina and other Latin American countries.

This CD is a solid denunciation of the political situation in Chile: a democracy controlled by the military, and a brutal capitalist economic system. Chile is a country full of ex-socialists, now self-defined as "renewed" socialists. These politicians are members of government and of parliament and seem to have forgotten the terrible repression that produced nearly 4,000 missing people, killed thousands and imprisoned tens of thousands.

Reyes and Muñoz do not forget and have produced this unique brave account of their native country, today when many prefer to ignore the past and join in the dance of exploitation.

This musical work was first released in 1996 in cassette format.

To order send an email to: sreyes [at] or call: 617 290-5614