The Victor Jara Foundation is a non-profit, cultural organization, legally established on October 4, 1994. The Foundation's founding members are Victor's wife and children: Joan Turner de Jara, Manuela Bunster and Amanda Jara Turner.

The purpose of the organization is not only to promote the knowledge of Victor's work, but also to continue his work. The Foundation has the only most extensive archive on Victor Jara's life, including recordings, books, newspaper clips, video tapes, photographs and posters.

In 1996, they published a definitive musical work on Victor Jara in Spanish called "Victor Jara, Obra Musical Completa", a beautifully illustrated book containing music sheets for all his songs. This is the result of more than two years of work by the musicians Claudio Acevedo, Rodolfo Norambuena, Jose Seves, Rodrigo Torres and Mauricio Valdebenito.

You can contact the Victor Jara Foundation at:

Huerfanos 2146 - Plaza Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Phone/fax: 56-2 697-3941
Web page: