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Victor Jara Singer of Hope

This is a poem by Carlos Muñoz, El Diantre, which I put music to. Muñoz captured the popular feelings of many Chileans regarding Victor Jara and he summarizes those feelings on his introduction:

Yesterday you sang for me
To give me hope
Your songs gave me strength
Today I sing for you.

To play the song click here.

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From Chile to Guantanamo: A Survivor of Torture Speaks Out

Interview by Sofia Jarrin for the "Boston Underground" - Winter 2007-2008

This January (2008) marks the sixth anniversary of the first arrival of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, yet Guantanamo is not the first island known for the unlawful abuse and torture of detainees. Island Dawson on the southern tip of Chile is known for its inhospitable, freezing weather, and for many Chileans is also the location of a concentration camp where Pinochet ordered the detention and torture of hundreds of political prisoners.

Sergio Reyes, a Boston resident and activist, was 19 years old when he was abducted from his home in Punta Arenas, faced a mock execution in front of his mother, was regularly beaten, electrocuted, and suffered from simulated drowning. Between 1973 and 1976, he was a political prisoner in a forced labor camp at the now infamous Dawson Island.

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Victor Jara in YouTube

August 10, 2007.- Sometimes capitalism creates non-traditional media that revolutionize the dissemination of ideas. The fundamental reason for this almost always has to do with profit making. That is the case of a project to publish low-resolution non-commercial video, which in few years has grown in geometrical progression: YouTube. This project started in San Bruno, California early in 2005 headed by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. In one year alone this succesfull project caught the attention of Google Inc. which bought the company at a price of $1.65 millions in October 2006.

Inevitably, this type of public media leaves the door open for the participation of progressive people, competing with all the consumerist trash. That is how today we can find some old videos of our dear Victor Jara. You can also find new renditions of his songs.

To see Victor Jara in YouTube click here

For a translation of his song "Te Recuerdo Amanda" click on the [+] below.

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Bolivia: From Pre-Revolution to General Elections

As we meet this morning of December 18, 2005 (*), the people of Bolivia are attempting to find an outlet through the ballot to a sustained crisis that has shaken the country up for the last three years. Nearly 3.5 million voters out of a population of 8.5 millions will decide today among 6 candidates to the Presidency and, for the first time, for Governorships to the 9 Departments of Bolivia. These elections are general elections and therefore also senators and congressmen will be elected.

According to the polls, the leading candidates are Evo Morales from the Movement Toward Socialism (Spanish acronym, “MAS” for Movimiento al Socialismo) with about 40% of support. Jorge Quiroga of the neoliberal coalition Democratic and Social Power (with the Spanish acronym “Podemos” for Poder Democratic y Social) is expected to obtain about 27% of the vote. The third preference goes to businessman Samuel Doria Medina of National Unity, with about 9% of the vote.

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Reunions and Farewells

Sergio Reyes & Carlos Muñoz (Viña del Mar, 1995)

A 1-hour CD of original social and political music from Chile. Most of the songs are based on poems written by Chilean people's poet Carlos Muñoz-Aguilera, a resident of the city port of Valparaíso. You can visit his web page at The music are either original compositions by Sergio Reyes, or his arrangements of traditional folk rhythms of Chile, Argentina and other Latin American countries.

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Remembering Violeta Parra

Violeta was one of twelve million Chileans who lived squeezed between the Pacific Ocean and the Andean Mountains. The majority of these people have always lived in poverty. However, the sacrifices of the Chilean workers have translated into increased wealth for businessmen within and outside the country. Chile has been blessed with exceptional resources: fertile land, rich coast lines, boundless creativity. If it were not for capitalist greed Chileans could live a life "more beautiful than the sunrise."

To this land was born Violeta Parra. "Violeta entered the world from the door of San Carlos, a tiny town located on the periphery of Chillán, on October 4th, 1917." (Manns p.30)

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Violeta Parra Translated Songs

This selection of songs by Violeta Parra are translation of the songs presented in 1990 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some are translated in full. The following songs were translated: Al centro de la injusticia, Rin del Angelito, La exiliada del sur, La jardinera, Maldigo del alto cielo, Cantores que reflexionan, La pericona, Casamiento de negros, Volver a los 17, Corazón maldito, Qué he sacado con quererte, Paloma ausente, El albertío, Pupila de aguila, Run-run se fue pa'l norte, and Gracias a la vida.

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Violeta Parra: A Presentation

A Friday, June 8, 1990, after six months of rehearsals, a group of musicians and non-musicians, which included Elena Brauchy (Chile), Melania Bruno (Puerto Rico), Mérida Castillo (Cuba), Tito Fuster (España), Alfredo Gómez (Uruguay), Yolanda Meléndez (Puerto Rico), Marisa Peralta (Chile), Miguel Pérez (Puerto Rico), Sergio Reyes (Chile), Carlos Salamanca (Puerto Rico), Ricardo Sánchez (Colombia), Carlos Suárez (Perú), Juan Vargas (Puerto Rico) and Mary Westropp (U.S.), presented to a mixed Latino and American public the life of Violeta Parra. An American friend, a professional theater stage lighting specialist gave us his gift of talent and time to create the right environment with lights.

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 Find and replace paragraph mark in Libre Office Write

As it is often the case, converts from MS Office to Libre Office find that some actions they used to do easily in Word are not the same in Writer. Many give up and switch back to the MS product. A case in point is the simple process of finding (searching in Word) a paragraph character to replace it with something else.

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How to plan for early retirement: Don't do what I did

As I begin the day countdown for my early retirement, I realize that I have taken a life-changing decision. Things are lining up reasonably well, although making statements like this one can be reversed quickly by those sudden slaps in the face that life is always ready to give us.

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Solving UTF 8 issues with international characters on PHP7

An Internet seach for "problems with UTF 8 and international characters", generates 10th of thousand hits. This is where I was when trying to solve the problem of the infamous replacement code chracter . I reached out to technical support from my web host, whitout success. I was told over and over again that I needed to update my scripts to new standards, and that was the extent of their support. I chatted, called, checked useless knowledge docs, and nothing. My host, 1and1, came out though with what we can call a "business" solution: they would maintain the old php5 version... for an additional monthly fee. After, thousands of trial an error attempts, I was able to make it work. No matter how much I defined that the character set I was going to be working with was UTF 8 in my scripts, the browsers (all of them!) just didn't want to comply. I will not explain more here. I wrote a 2-page paper that ruled my many conversions to this new standard. These steps worked for me. If they do the trick for you also, happy to share.

Here is the document. No charge! :)

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Second Trip to Chalatenango, April 29 - May 2, 2016

More than two weeks had gone by before I was able to write a report on this second trip to Chalatenango, El Salvador. The delay was not only determined by other obligations and preoccupations, but was more than anything a psychological pause, trying to absorb what happened during those 4 days in El Salvador. Last year, 2015, Vielka Bolaños, Horacio's widow, Leopoldo Luna, comrade at arms of Horacio, and I, friend of youth and struggle in Chile of Horacio, were in the same area from March 21 through the March 28.

To read the full report click here.

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Leaving testimony of the struggle of a Chilean internationalist who died in El Salvador in 1981

This April 30, 2016, we will inaugurate a historical marker in the small community of El Jicaro, in Chalatenango, El Salvador. For nearly two years a group of friends, comrades and relatives of the Chilean Sergio Mancilla Caro, have been working to recover his history. Mancilla took on the nom de guerre “Horacio”. This is the only name that his comrades knew him by. Mancilla was killed in combat on October 5, 1981 in La Quebrada del Zope, during an army ambush.

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LibrePlan, Open Source Potential Unfulfilled

It is hard to be an Open Source Software champion when you choose what appears to be promising OSS but then shortfalls are discovered and there are no easy solutions for them. That was my case after putting a whole lot of work into LibrePlan ( On surface, it looked like we could introduce this solution to our non-profit organization as we strived to incorporate project management into our management tools.

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Nonprofit Organizations Could Run on Open Source Software

This paper addresses the disconnection between the efforts of the open source software (OSS) community and the nonprofit community. In spite of the quality software produced by the open source software community, the nonprofit world doesn't seem to realize that they can use the results of those efforts to run their organizations rather than being married to proprietary, many times expensive, software.

To read the entire paper click here.

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Chile, being a member of the Socialist Party in the government is a shame

I spent three weeks in Chile starting May 22. These were three weeks charged with activities, actions, events, and emotions. Chile is a country where class struggle and social conflict is sharp at this moment. I had been working with my former companions, ex political prisoners in hunger strike since April 13. I arrived in Chile in the midst of that movement, which has been silenced by the media and the government.

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Elderly former Chilean political prisoners on hunger strike

Last April 13, about 40 former political prisoners under the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile were forced to start a hunger strike to demand a raise for the meager pensions they receive as “human rights reparations” by the Chilean state. It is important to point that all of them, men and women on hunger strike, are elderly people, from 65 to 75 years of age. This is an act of desperation in response to the deaf ears of politicians, many former prisoners themselves like the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, who are now making very good money as administrators of the state that they inherited from the dictator.

As a former Chilean political prisoner myself, I urge you to support these brave, elder people who might be on their last act of protest. Please write to your State Representative and Senator to intercede before the Chilean government, so that they fulfill the promise made by their Minister of the Presidency, Ms. Ximena Rincon, to adjust these pensions and to form the trilateral Government-Parliament-Prisoners comision promised to legislate a solution to this injustice.

Your support is urgently needed.

To read their statement click here.

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Report trip to El Salvador in search of the remains of Sergio Mancilla Caro

April 9, 2015.- More than a year ago a small group of us started work to write the history and our memories of our friend and comrade from Magallanes, Sergio Mancilla Caro. We never imagined then that some of us would end up traveling to the very place where our friend was killed in combat in 1981. The Zope's Ravine (Quebrada del Zope) was hard to imagine as a real place, when we read about it in the War Report written by the Medic Benito. It was just a far away, unreal place in our minds. Yet, after we wrote finished writing our memories of our friend Sergio, "Horacio", we decided that we would now take on a search for his remains. This is how we arrived at the place where this young man of easy smiles of yesteryear has been buried for 34 years. This is our trip report.

To read/download the pdf file, click here.

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In Search of Sergio Mancilla

An Attempt to Recover the Remains of a Chilean Internationalist
Killed in Action in El Salvador, 1981

Thanks to all who attended and/or gave us your support, love and financial contributions! We shall overcome.

Sat. February 28, 2015 - 7pm-9pm
At Encuentro5, 9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108-4701
  • “Internationalists” – José Alemán
  • “Homage to Chilean Internationalists in El Salvador” - Video
  • “Revolutionary music & the case of Sergio Mancilla” – Sergio Reyes
To download flyer click here.

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The Story of Sergio Mancilla Caro, A Southern Internationalist Guerrilla Fighter

This October 2014 a Spanish language e-book entitled "La Historia de Sergio Mancilla Caro, Un Guerrillero Internationalista Austral" (The Story of Sergio Mancilla Caro, A Southern Internationalist Guerrilla Fighter) has begun international circulation. This book reveals the transformation of a young man born where the land ends in the South, Magallanes, Chile, to conclude his life in the mountains of El Salvador. This paper has been a collective effort of his childhood friends, his family, and especially his beloved companion in struggle and wife, in an effort to rescue the details of his life, which over the lapse of more than 30 years seemed lost.

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Here's to you Nicola and Bart

To listen to the song click here.

This song by Morricone and sung by Joan Baez in the 70s became popular all over the world. In many places people didn't know what it was all about, but they still liked it. In other English speaking places they understood what the words said but didn't know the meaning of it. I changed the rythm to add a more lively Spanish-like beat and performed it for the first time at the 9th Annual Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Day in Boston, August 23, 2014. So, Here's to You Nicola and Bart, the struggle for workers rights, to change society and to replace capitalism has not stopped after their death. As the old anarchists said: "you can kill us, but you cannot kill our ideas."

Sergio Reyes' birthday and fund-raising event -- From Punta Arenas to Boston: 60 years of struggle

A benefit for the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society

Friday, February 14, 2014 – 6:30PM – 10:30PM
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
More info: 617-290-5614 or

As Reyes was born on February 14, 1954 in the southernmost city of Punta Arenas, Chile, inflation had reached 71% under the presidency of former General Carlos Ibañez del Campo. The situation for the Chilean working class was harsh yet workers didn't take it sitting down

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Farewell Bunilda!

Farewell to Bunny, my dear pet companion. Today, regretfully, we had to force Bunny's departure from life. Her condition was untenable, couldn't see, couldn't walk and had decided simply not to eat or drink. Last May she was in even worse shape and we brought her to life and recovered, but during her last two months she deteriorated significantly. She was approaching 20, the equivalent of 94 human years. A long life for a little poodle rescued from death as a puppy by my Susana in Chile and brought to the U.S. She joined my life 13 years ago. Being an atheist I don't believe in heavens, even for sweet dogs like Bunny. All I know is that she has stopped suffering. All in all, in her simple animal life she contributed to mine without even having to know why. This picture taken this morning before we left for the vet hospital. (At my Facebook wall September 29, 2013)

Link to the song I composed for Bunilda

For the translation to the lyrics, please click on the [+] below.

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Chile: Judge Miguel Vazquez indicts assassins of Victor Jara

12/28/2012.- Judge Vazquez of the Santiago Appeals Court initiated a discovery process for the murder of singer Victor Jara Martinez, executed on September 16, 1973, at the Estadio Chile.

The judge indicted:

- Hugo Sánchez-Marmonti, homicide.
- Pedro Barrientos-Núñez, homicide.
- Roberto Souper Onfray, accomplice to murder.
- Raul Jofre González, accomplice to murder.
- Edwin Dimter Bianchi, accomplice to murder.
- Mazzei Hasse-Nelson, accomplice to murder.
- Luis Bethke Wulf, accomplice to murder.

The judge ordered the international arrest of the accused Barrientos Nunez, who is living abroad, while the other defendants will be detained at the Military Police Battalion Number 1.

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The Latest Production of the Puerto Rican Patriot Musician: Andrés Jiménez, "El Jibaro"

Andrés Jiménez at his 65 years of age has seen much of the struggle in the Americas to shake itself off from the tight control of U.S. imperialism. Likewise, in his own land, Puerto Rico, he has participated since early age in the fight for independence for the last classic colony left in the Americas.

His latest production released late last year is called "Plena con Lelolai", taking the genre of "plena" and combining it with the peasant rhythms of the mountains. All in all 9 songs that take us on yet another libertarian journey through Puerto Rico. All the songs included were composed by Jiménez, as it is his tradition, based on Puerto Rican folk rhythms. The lyrics are composed on the very old Spanish tradition of the "decima", ten verses on a fairly strict rhyming structure.

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The Internationale / La Internacional

In honor of those who gave their lives in the struggle for workers rights and for those that have continued the fight throughout the years. "For justice thunders condemnation: A better world's in birth!" Long live May Day, International Workers Day!

Listen to my rendition of The Internationale

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The Art of Resistance, Memory, and Testimony in Political Arpilleras (Textiles)

Lecture by Chilean Professor Roberta Bacic

Mon Feb 27 4:30-6:30pm
U-Mass Amherst (300 Mass. Av., Amherst, MA 01003)
Cape Cod Lounge

Music performed by Sergio Reyes

Roberta Bacic, a Chilean resident of Ireland and Professor of Philosophy and Human Rights will speak about the role of political arpilleras in resisting and responding to state repression.

Activist Sergio Reyes, political prisoner during the Pinochet regime, will perform

Directions to U-Mass Amherst

To download a flyer including all related activities click here.

The Society We Can Build. A Five-Minutes Rendition

• A society free from racism
• A society free from sexism and homophobia
• A society free from ageism
• A society free from religious or non-religious discrimination
• A society free from ethnic discrimination
• A society without borders
• A society where no human being is consider illegal
• A society where nationalism is replaced by internationalism

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Mexico in the Heart on the Presentation of "No Word for Welcome" in Boston

This selection of songs was made to introduce the book "No Word for Welcome: The Mexican Village Faces the Global Economy" by Wendy Call on September 8, 2011. The book refers to the struggle by the community in Tehuantepec to confront the deployment of instruments of capitalist "progress" through their villages. Wendy Call is not only a good writer but also a good comrade and friend in the struggle.

  • La Muerte de Emiliano Zapata (Armando Liszt Arzubide)
  • México 68 (Gabino Palomares)
  • El Piojito (Gabino Palomares)
  • Maldición de Malinche (Gabino Palomares)
  • La Llorona (José Luis Orozco)
  • La Sandunga (Máximo Ramón Ortiz)

    [ + ]

    Facundo singer of peace

    Eight evil bullets
    Eight perverse bullets
    killed the singer
    and our pain is so great.

    Today the Continent in full
    will raise their voices
    demanding justice
    and our pain is so great.

    Ay, singer of peace
    Facundo, dear comrade
    with you they went too far
    and our pain is so great.

    Bloody hands with weapons
    have stained Guatemala
    you gave them your songs
    and our pain is so great.

    To listen the song click here.

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    The Meaning of the 4th of July for the Oppressed

    What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer; a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are, to Him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy-a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.

    (Taken from “The Meaning of the 4th of July for the Negro”, Frederick Douglass, 1852 and still true)

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    Stop Hateful Anti-Immigrant 2011 Budget Amendements in Massachusetts

    06-24-2011.- Again the Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) is leading the way to oppose a set of amendments included in the budget of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that seek to deny basic human services to undocumented workers and students. SIM established a vigil camp outside the main entrance of the State House which started last monday June 20. At the same time they have galvanized support in a coalition called Mass Hope 2011. The coalition includes the National Lawyers Guild, Matahari Eye of the Day, Jobs with Justice, the New Sanctuary Movement, Arlington Street Church, Asian American Resource Workshop, MIRA, Unite Here Local 26, Dominical Development Center, Centro Presente, the Boston May Day Committee, Cambridge/Somerville for Change, PHENOM, International Action Center, Harvard SLAM, Mass. Coalition for Domestic Workers, SEIU Local 615, Brazilian Immigrant Center, Chinese Progressive Association, API Movement, Resist the Raids, Moise Kavod House, AFSC, and Projeto Nos Votamos. The coalition continues to grow and if your organization has not done so, it should do it in a hurry.

    [ + ]

    Magallanes: Lessons in People's Mobilization for Chile and the World

    The ACM made a call to mobilize and demonstrate and the response was massive. Soon the people themselves escalated the mobilization to the level of a general strike. The people took over and closed the few roads that allow for access in and out of the towns, including the tourist attraction that this time of the year are frequented by international and national visitors such as Torres del Paine. Tourist from all over the world contacted their consulates informing they were stranded in Magallanes. Burning tires barricades were erected throughout the city of Punta Arenas. A drunken driver enraged by this “inconvenience” charged with his car against a barricade and killed two young women protestors, Melisa Silva Ruiz y Claudia Castillo Campos. The movement already has two unfortunate martyrs.

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    Song, How Imperfect You Are!

    This is the last poem of Victor Jara written while in prison at the Estadio Chile and delivered after his death to his widow Joan Jara via an underground courier.

    We are five thousand
    Confined in this little part of town
    We are five thousand
    How many of us are there throughout the country?

    To listen to the song click here.

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    Victor Jara Foundation

    The Victor Jara Foundation is a non-profit, cultural organization, legally established on October 4, 1994. The Foundation's founding members are Victor's wife and children: Joan Turner de Jara, Manuela Bunster and Amanda Jara Turner.

    The purpose of the organization is not only to promote the knowledge of Victor's work, but also to continue his work. The Foundation has the only most extensive archive on Victor Jara's life, including recordings, books, newspaper clips, video tapes, photographs and posters.

    [ + ]

    Professional Resume

    This professional resume is included in this web page as another element in my daily life and in case anybody could be interested in my humble but important skills. While currently I am happily employed we never know what unpleasant surprises life can impose on us. I have been employed at the present agency really since 1988 with one year sabbatical absence and one year of employment at another agency.

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    Against the military coup... (song)

    Music/Lyrics by Sergio Reyes (2009)

    Dedicated to the popular resistance in Honduras.
    To listen to the song click here.

    Again the boot steps on the people
    the boots of the Honduran gorilas
    again they kill their own people
    to defend their masters privileges.

    But we have a popular saying
    "there is no evil that doesn't bring some good"
    now our people are marching on
    and nobody will stop them.

    [ + ]

    Camp Democracy and "We are America" Immigrant Reform Rally in Washington DC

    Wash. DC, September 7, 2006.- On Wednesday close to midnight we boarded two buses with destination Washington, D.C. The great majority of us were Latino mostly from Central America. Our spirits were high. We were again on the move to demand rights for undocumented immigrants, to stop the criminalization of immigrant workers, to stop the deportations, some of us very clear in demanding a full general amnesty, complete legalization, whatever people choose to call it. The "We Are America Coalition" had called this rally and march to continue the mobilizations that have not been able to pick up force since the Great American Strike and Boycott of last May Day. I don't remember now how many thousands the Coalition had promised to gather.

    [ + ]

    Let's Support the Mapuche Struggle in Chile

    June 10, 2006.- The Juan Paillalef Mapuche (pronounced mah-poo-chay) Community has started the process to regain their land stolen in 1998. In this process our community has suffered different forms of repression from large landowners and the state of Chile. Community members have seen their houses burnt to the ground many times. These events are a matter of public knowledge both nationally and internationally. The Chilean government has not had the will to solve the demands presented by our community. In spite of this situation our community has not given up their collective rights as people-nation mapuche.

    [ + ]

    Henry Kissinger Responsible for Millions of Deaths Speaks at the JFK Library

    Boston -- 3/11/06. On March 11, 2006, Secretary of State to President Nixon, Henry Kissinger and Gral. Alexander Haig, Secretary of State to President Reagan, were invited to the JFK Library in Boston for a series of presentations on the Vietnam War. Their theme was "Inside the White House". According to the library's brochure their objective was to "discuss both the decisions they made in office and their impressions about how that history is now told."

    The Vietnam War, which ended in a military defeat for the United States, more than 3 million Vietnamese people killed and 58,000 Americans dead, is certainly worth it the testimony of those who were directly involved in the invasion. Possibly, even more than that, those responsible for those acts should face criminal charges.

    The presence of Mr. Kissinger in that forum was also an opportunity to bring up another U.S. intervention in the world that also meant the assassination of thousands of people in a country of only 10 million at the time: Chile, September 11, 1973.

    [ + ]

    Victor: An Unfinished Song

    This book was first published in Great Britain 1983 by Jonathan Cape Ltd., copyrighted by the author, Joan Jara.
    It was re-Published again in 1998 by Bloomsbury, England ( As of the publishing of this web page (5/2003) it was still available from Bloomsbury. If you need more information about where to buy the book contact the Victor Jara Foundation.

    [ + ]

    Victor Jara of Chile, Presente! Now and Forever

    Victor Jara was born on September 28, 1932, on the outskirts of Lonquen, where the land of the Ruiz Tagle family ended and the estate of Fernando Prieto began. Lonquen is a small peasant village, or rather a rural area, where the main objective is to house those who work for the few large latifundia who exploit equally the land, animals and the people.

    Victor's wife, Joan recalls, "Victor was the son of a Chilean ploughman and a Chilean folk singer, by that I mean a real folk singer... His mother was a woman who played the guitar, who went round singing at harvest parties and funeral parties. Chilean peasants have a party when somebody dies. His family were very poor. They lived on one of these enourmous farms. where the peasants really lived in a feudal state. They had practically no salary at all --where paid in kind, with bags of flour and fruit. Very little fruit. Each family had a sort of house made of "adobe" which is mud and straw. One of Victor's earliest memories is being yanked out of bed to go and wash his feet in the ditch at the side of the house. To get firewood, to light the fire, and to heat water to make a sort of herb tea for breakfast. Victor remembers once a year when there was meat to eat. What a party it was! A fiesta!"

    [ + ]

    "New Song" Movement, Revisited

    Chile --like many other Latin American countries-- has produced outstanding folk musicians who dedicated an important part of their creative work to what I call revolutionary songs. Some names that might be familiar to you are Violeta Parra and Victor Jara, or groups like Inti-Illimani or Quilapayun. There are, of course, many more musicians in Chile who have dedicated their talent to composing songs that talk about the people's struggle to change a social order based on capitalist exploitation of labor. Patricio Manns, Rolando Alarcon, Charo Jofre, Payo Grondona, Tito Fernandez, Quelentaro, Hector Pavez, Isabel and Angel Parra, the group Illapu, are a few names that come to mind, in addition to those more renowned internationally. They are all part of what those who decide to catalog and label history have designated under the euphemistic name of "Nueva Cancion" or New Song movement.

    [ + ]

    Boston Globe Article: Pinochet’s arrest, spurs flashbacks of torture

    Boston, October 20, 1998.- As former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet vowed from - his hospital bed in London that he would fight Spain's attempts to extradite him for murder, genocide, and torture, a soft-spoken, bearded man sat in his office on Berkeley Street yesterday, remembering.

    The soldiers had stormed Sergio Reyes' home in Punta Arenas in the middle of the night stolen his mother's jewelry, blindfolded him, pointed their rifles and said the words ready, aim, fire. His mother wailed. The guns clicked. Then there was laughter. It was a mock execution. Reyes was hauled, off to prison where he was stripped, prodded with electrodes-, dunked in tanks of human feces, and beaten for months on end.

    [ + ]

    Boston Globe Music Review: Sergio Reyes. "A Tribute to Victor Jara"

    Cambridge, MA September 16, 1997.- He is a rare revolutionary flower, Cambridge's Sergio Reyes is. With his bell-clear voice and passionate way with the acoustic guitar, Reyes could perform often. But he does not, because he says he only feels the need to play at politically significant events -- at a picket line, on International Workers Day, or, as was the case Friday, in remembrance of a slain political hero.

    Reyes, accompanied by Ruskin Vaughn on percussion and Meredith West on piano, performed a touching tribute to Victor Jara, a 35- year-old Chilean folk singer who died at the hand of the government of Augusto Pinochet when Pinochet took control of the country in September 1973.

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